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About Us and You!

Every day, more and more people are choosing to eat plant based, which is AWESOME! The animals, the planet and your health all benefit greatly when you do. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to enjoy vegan food.

You order. We cook. We bring it to you.

 That's it!

Our meals are 100% animal and animal by product free. Organic when possible and made with lots of love & kindness. 

Our mission is to help everyone see how wonderfully diverse, delicious and nutritious vegan food is! You don't have to compromise taste to enjoy a great meal.  

About our Subscription Service

Each week, we have a rotating menu with 3 entrées, 4 sides, a soup and dessert. You choose which plan best suits your needs. Order online between Monday-Friday or sign up on a recurring plan for a discount. We deliver to your door Sundays between 10AM-9PM. Meals are ready to heat and eat so you're good to go for the week with healthy, plant based goodness!

Please note we are currently taking a bit of a break to move and on a search to find a new cook for the kitchen! 

About our Plans

The Whole 9

 3 Entrées, 4 Sides, Soup and Dessert- $110/week

GF- $120/week

The 6 Fix

2 Entrées, 2 Sides, Soup and Dessert- $80/week

GF- $85/week

15% off recurring plans! (Contact us)

Double up either plan for 10% off!

Add extra items to your order!

Delivery is included in pricing!

Refer a friend and get $20 off your next order!

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